Wednesday, September 29



Haven't blogged for TWO days! What started as a sty, turned into an infection due to insect bite, ended as a absyss (is that how its spelt?) and a minor surgical procedure ridded me of it last evening. My eye is still swollen but thankfully not swelling anymore. Sue me for the bad english okay!

A senior commented on the last post. I have an audience (sob!). The broadsheet and the website project should be over soon or I am dead.

I have been chosen not to be the group co-ordinator for the second term. Thank you God! Or whoever is responsible.

I shall return!

Sunday, September 26


Day Off

The sty is growing to be something of a botheration. Work kept me from blogging the whole day. Worked on the website project a bit. Figured that the best way to work on a website is to simultaneously develop content and a suitable template at the same time. By the time content is in place, the looks will have been finalised and even an unruly team of workers can integrate without much discord.

My worries are that our website is very lite. I can't say what they are looking for but I prefer to go by the 'text is best' maxim.

I think I should start on the broadsheet as well. I trust I can!

Saturday, September 25



I seem to vaguely remember thanking photobucket sometime for allowing me to host images on my blog (one or the other). I do it again. In the absence of Hello BloggerBot and the obvious prohibitions on software downloads Photobucket is my succour.

Thanks from a happy blogger!!!


We have mice!

We have mice! And every one is so happy about it. The much celebrated recent upgrade of the labs got many to sing paeans in praise of optical mice. Even those who didn't know what they meant. Goodbye to sticky cursors and that sinking feeling that came with every bit if text on screen that said "drag and drop". Life is easier now. All thanks to our friendly neighbourhood lab attendants.

Speaking of which, I figured only one person in history has been successful in living comfortably through the back breaking days of a journo...

That should settle any doubts regarding our days and how 'hectic' they are.


Thanksgiving day!

Thats it! I am sticking to this layout. As close as I can get to good eyetrack compliant, bandwidth friendly, sidebar supporting design. The customisation isn't exactly 'done' but will be soon. Many thanks to blogskins, May*Star, Holoscan, and my guardian angel for allowing me the audacity to keep experimenting in the face of pending assignments. Received a notification from BlogWise telling me that they had found my blog agreeable. Thanks to them too.

Friday, September 24



The funny thing is that I actually was using this template sometime back. It appears to me one of the sanest blogs among the garish design that usually meets a user's eyes. It doesn't allow commenting though. I replaced the tagboard space with my email address. Hope I find succour soon.

Thursday, September 23



One good blog to follow is OxBlog. After I syndicated it with Yahoo! I never go a single day without reading at least one OxBlogger. The Blog*Spot URL is reassuring. The blog also responds to though.

Wednesday, September 22


Yahoo and RSS

I just figured out the way to tap RSS feeds through My Yahoo! The setup is simple and requires nothing more than the URL of the blog you want to monitor. Yahoo! is an enabling tool for those whose Internet life is primarily web based. CyberJournalist even has a feature to allow you to access its daily headlines to be accessed through your My Yahoo! page. With Yahoo's having acquired OddPost it is almost certain that users may, in the near future, not only expect to see major enhancements in Yahoo's webmail service, but also something like Yahoo! Blogs or Yahoo! Journals. OddPost also majored in RSS feeds.



The thankless occupation of blogging finally found mention in The Hindu today. There was mention of Chennai housing the most thriving bloggers' community in the country. Kiruba and some other blog afficianadoes were quoted. Even though I wouldn't call myself an active participant in the actual community here in the city... it felt good!



Idealist page layout people will tell you that it is a bad idea to have blocks of text on screen that require the end user to scroll. But an obvious way to escape that would be to write copy that forces the user to scroll. While it is true that the online news reader's fast paced schedule makes him/her impatient and likely to skip even worthy news items in favour of something snappier, it is also true that any discerning reader would not let go of a well written piece.

Tuesday, September 21



No, still doesn't have Intra System Messaging. That would be a bit of an overkill.

I am talking about ISM's as in feminism, chauvinism, and the like. The tags like animal lover and humanist that we all seem so comfortable with. Why is it not possible for a person to be him/herself without being an ist of any kind. If I think someone should be allowed to have his or her rights, can't I do it as myself. Why is it so essential for me to be identified as a humanist or any other ist. Most ists would not stay true to their cause inspite of being devoted to the cause. To someone who feels strongly about gay rights, why does "homosexual bastard" come naturally when he wants to hurt someone?

Monday, September 20


Good Night!

With all the pending issues, I am blogging. No objections if you think I deserve to die. Made some automated changes to the blogger template and seem to like what I see. Had to modify the blog descriptions to suit the new look though. Now even photos would look good. Plus there are links to past posts in the right sidebar.


Bad times

This is the worst time to blog. Assignments of past, present and those that are yet to come are high up on the priority lists of everyone. People are giving me nasty looks as I blog. Or maybe I'm just imagining it all. They're all too busy. What gets me back each time I have a hundred better things to do is the faith that no matter how colourless my blog, no matter how few users stumble upon it, no matter how stupid the things I blog about... the blog will always remain. It is a part of the blogosphere. A small one no doubt, but not insignificant. Reason? Its not blank!

Saturday, September 18



Why is sticking with Blogger such a good idea? Why is sticking with Hotmail such a good idea? Coz they will stay around!!! That's the general idea. But when someone tells me that Blurty has been hanging on him lately, I seem to notice he is right. The pages did load slower. Almost seven tenths of a second slower than it did on the third day of the last month. Most Blogger Main templates won't work on the eBloggy system. Blurty reserves customising privileges for paying users and Mindsay isn't as customisable. as I would want it to be.

Talk about being picky!

Thursday, September 16


Being part of it all

I've been navigating home turf for a while. The part of the blogosphere that resides here on Blog*Spot. The sheer diversity of it bedazzles you! There are those who stick to their chosen topics steadfastly and those who are happy that they named their blogs something like rants or ramblings because it leaves so much to the imagination. The diary type blog isn't as unproductive as many think. I came across this article at that raises the vital question of Blogs growing to be one of the major bandwidth hoggers of the present. Solutions will come, like they always do. Until then, its just a whole lot of rants, ramblings, garish templates, confessions of demented/honest/lonely minds. I wanted to fill this post with links to all the cool blogs that I found but looking for copyright grant at such a short notice will be a big waste of time. Then again, you should go search yourself.


Out Shooting

God my back hurts! I have been lugging a not so heavy tripod around the city, walking, in an auto, climbing stairs, taking funny looks from people who take me to be an assistant figure. Foolish mortals! I am the alpha and the omega of the group of broadcast bugged travellers. I am the one who puts plugs where they should be. I am the one who looks this way and that before crossing the road. It is I who is responsible for the state of things in this world. It is I who gets carried away when blogging. Do yourselves a favour. Click on the next blog button and go look for more readable stuff.


Logging strange ones

Found some strange blogs. Again, I am not in favour of categorising but I am not above it either. Just click on Memoirs and Memories and see for yourself. Also, this one.

Wednesday, September 15


Umpteenth Rant

Sometimes I wish my group had no girls. If it were an all boy group, there would be no integration problems. Boys settle things faster than girls do. This way or the other. With girls its always complaining and whining. I never thought I would be saying this but it appears to be the way of the world I know I am generalising but please, give a harried soul a break!



Made some serious changes to my blog's character. Back to the coolest templates I have ever seen, Tekka. The thing that I love about this template is that its sidebar does not intrude into the actual content and adds class to the blog at the same time. Must go tell everyone about the new URL AFAP.

Tuesday, September 14



Just came back from a fruitless shoot. The government run institutions say we have to get a permit from the head of the institution because ours is a government college. We tell them we are from a private college which is run by a Foundation the head of which is the chief editor of the one of the nation's prominent newspapers. They say we HAVE to get a permit because to associate themselves with the likes of us is nothing but trouble.

They make it sound so evil! I like it. Overall, I won't say I'm dying for the next session. What bothers me even more is the attitude we have towards stories. A slum dweller becomes just another statistic and a death is something that would feed our audience.

Way of the world? Call me a martian.



Had my presentation on Gmail and Security today. Inspite of what my audience may have thought, I think I did pretty good. I have done worse. Much worse!

Couldn't blog yesterday. Was doing the powerpoint thing. I amaze myself by the level of flexibility I allow others to have. I used only five of the fifteen minutes provided. Perhaps as a consolation, I got a short and sweet compliment. Have had things on my mind lately but can't blog them now. Must g have my lunch and then go on to cover an old dilapidated presidency college hostel that is said to have housed the lab of the great Raman once.

Just by way of ending this entry, I'll do the world the favour of linking to this news report on about p2p file sharing by email. Hold your applause... Slyck News - Peer2Mail - Use Your Email Space to Share Files

Sunday, September 12


Colours again

Found this really cool blog. Cool in my sense of the word means a blog with spirit. Any free blog provider gives you the tools and the templates you need to create your page. But what really separates each blog from the other (many with the same old templates) is the blog's spirit. When you blog and type out in utter abandon you pass on a vital part of your self to the blog. If one loves his/her blog it is easy to see that on the page. Check this blog out. Nothing out of the world. Just a startling honesty about one's ignorance and something else that says that this person will keep blogging. Visit the blog of Brisingr Ethri


New Day

Started networking on Orkut already. Anup's Blog is on my links bar now. Am blogging from a Reliance WebWorld. The one in Spencer's Plaza, Chennai. The screen's being overly bright robs the blogger interface of much of its charm. Downloaded W.Bloggar yesterday and installed it on to my folder in the college server. I think the admins know. w.Bloggar is easy to use once you get past the messenger phobia. I actually made a post yesterday. Had to delete it though, because of the horrendous formatting I made. What I found creepy was that the speed with which the software recognised my Blogger settings. Either that's really good integration or something entirely beyond me.

Started a photoblog at which is pretty easy to update via email. Link on my links bar.

Saturday, September 11


EyeTrack III

Poynter Online's E-media TidBits weblog has been covering the EyeTrack III study for days now. As I once said, newsletters come in handy sometimes. The study is interesting in its way of drawing conclusions from the experiments carried out on 46 subjects. Scepticism aside, I hope the study knocks some sense into the people at some of our major portals around. The have tools will repair attitude to web design has to go. The number of times I have navigated away from a page without bothering to read anything at all has only grown if anything. Follow this link to the study's documentation: Eyetrack III - What You Most Need to Know



Got an Orkut invite at last. I like the ad free interface but what bugs me most is that after logging in one has to check up on each of the communities. I found a whole lot of active, intelligent and interesting communities. People from back home are online too. Felt great to be able to talk about the Mahanadi and CTBS!

Now that I have decided to make this one my primary blog, I think I will HAVE to test drive W.Bloggar. Downloaded and tested Hello yesterday. Works really cool. But, as I said in Textron a PhotoBucket hosting option seems to be a better bet.

And finally, many thanks to BlogSkins for opening my eyes to the world of free templates. I love the new loook of my blog and owe it all to the friendly folk there. Manipulating code really feels good!

Tuesday, September 7

The prime hindrance between me and my objectives seeems to be no one bot myself. The guilt of not having submitted the assignments is killing me, and I won't even acknowledge it.

Saturday, September 4



ModBlog - Adventures of a user!

That was a blog I started two days back and I'm already back to blogger. God!

Is this that packrat syndrome someone at EMD was talking about the other day. It must be. BTW, I love BLOG THIS on the toolbar.

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