Thursday, September 16


Being part of it all

I've been navigating home turf for a while. The part of the blogosphere that resides here on Blog*Spot. The sheer diversity of it bedazzles you! There are those who stick to their chosen topics steadfastly and those who are happy that they named their blogs something like rants or ramblings because it leaves so much to the imagination. The diary type blog isn't as unproductive as many think. I came across this article at that raises the vital question of Blogs growing to be one of the major bandwidth hoggers of the present. Solutions will come, like they always do. Until then, its just a whole lot of rants, ramblings, garish templates, confessions of demented/honest/lonely minds. I wanted to fill this post with links to all the cool blogs that I found but looking for copyright grant at such a short notice will be a big waste of time. Then again, you should go search yourself.

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