Tuesday, September 14



Had my presentation on Gmail and Security today. Inspite of what my audience may have thought, I think I did pretty good. I have done worse. Much worse!

Couldn't blog yesterday. Was doing the powerpoint thing. I amaze myself by the level of flexibility I allow others to have. I used only five of the fifteen minutes provided. Perhaps as a consolation, I got a short and sweet compliment. Have had things on my mind lately but can't blog them now. Must g have my lunch and then go on to cover an old dilapidated presidency college hostel that is said to have housed the lab of the great Raman once.

Just by way of ending this entry, I'll do the world the favour of linking to this news report on Slyck.com about p2p file sharing by email. Hold your applause... Slyck News - Peer2Mail - Use Your Email Space to Share Files

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