Wednesday, September 22


Yahoo and RSS

I just figured out the way to tap RSS feeds through My Yahoo! The setup is simple and requires nothing more than the URL of the blog you want to monitor. Yahoo! is an enabling tool for those whose Internet life is primarily web based. CyberJournalist even has a feature to allow you to access its daily headlines to be accessed through your My Yahoo! page. With Yahoo's having acquired OddPost it is almost certain that users may, in the near future, not only expect to see major enhancements in Yahoo's webmail service, but also something like Yahoo! Blogs or Yahoo! Journals. OddPost also majored in RSS feeds.

Hi VM I’ve been looking for poster art related blogs and I came across yours on Yahoo and RSS during my trawl, so I thought it would be polite to let you know about my visit. I have just recently started a daily news feed on my own site and you are most welcome to come and visit me at poster art.
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