Sunday, October 31



I wonder if the whole jumble happened due to BlogThis! ??? The last entry that went where it should have was posted the old fashioned way. Logging in and typing and biting fingernails as the screen went through the 'publishing blog' routine.

Detail: The BlogThis! button was summoned from the Google toolbar and not the Blogger navbar.


31st of October

This day will be forever be celebrated as the mess say at VmBloG. It is the day when all posts made on a day chose where they want to go. I have forgotten what post I made at what time. They are all jumbled up.

Any way, that's what I am here to talk about. I found Yahoo! Next. Interesting page. Though a bit blank.

Hmm... This one came on top! I guess the glitch is fixed.


Google Search: vijayendra mohanty

I've tried googling my name before too, but this time it came to an all time high. The number of single entry wonders I have created all over the web sickens me. Enough to give anyone an idea (a very wrong one i must say) of how popular I am.

Google Search: vijayendra mohanty

I once found that my nickname Hapi is also the one that the ancient Egyptian deity of the river Nile had.


Biz's Rant

Seems even Biz Stone ranted about server downtimes on Blogger some time back. I've had the sense to add the Status page's feed to my aggregator. The downtimes are acknowledged and explained.

Read the Rant!



I wish I could put it all in one place but I seem to come across things at the oddest of times. Have to submit a major assignment tomorrow and am behind schedule.

Am blogrolling now! I only hope the page doesn't get too rich and hence difficult to load.


Everyone has problems

My last post appears to be posted earlier than the last-to-last post. Wonder where where this will appear! Eerie! Though I appreciate my not freaking out and going off in search of a 'better and more reliable blog provider'. I have become more patient and understand that blogger like anyone else is only human.

Visit Blogger Help : Known Issues for more.


Spider-Man India

Not sure how this will turn up but nevertheless, its not something I will like to miss!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Spider-Man gets Indian make-over

Saturday, October 30


I love Internet Explorer!

I reckon you have all heard of FireFox fans and Opera fans and whatnot fans. But the browser that users the world over use and come to relate the internet with is IE. Never heard of a fanclub though. It all came to my attention while re-re-re-re-designing the odd blog. The previews showed up well in IE, as was expected. Opera ate the slim Motime bar on the top and for Firefox, I had to edit the title bar's height. Not that I have any problem with it but I thought somewhere, there must be a group of people who make no bones about the fact that they love IE, as I do! *flinches*

Found this!

I would like to see if there are 'I LUV IE' publicity buttons available. Yes, I know Microsoft could never use more advertising than it already has but still.....

Friday, October 29



I have had so many rants on this already that I can not go on any more. In short there are only two ways for the average blogger to go. While those who can, go the premium way and those who can't have to rely on the industry leader. Who by the way is free too!

Motime's features speak for themselves. It is a cool service. But their decision to keep RSS reserved for upgrading users limits some particularly ambitious bloggers. Most third party blog additive providers work with BM (blogger main) as a benchmark. That renders several tools useless on Motime. On blogger, even though I can manipulate pretty much every aspect of the blog's look and feel (which I can't. Yet!) the very fact that it is home to the most bloggers keeps it under the performance mark.

I can be sure that one image I would take to my grave with nightmarish associations would be that of the 'publishing blog' notification which keeps going 0%. On and on and on!

Tuesday, October 26


Odd BloG

Odd BloG

Alright! Let me do it while I still can. Today was the worst! I lost two large posts to server downtimes. I am moving over to

Please visit me there there from now on! Farewell to Blog*Spot


Personal Page of Vijayendra Mohanty

Personal Page of Vijayendra Mohanty

That's what its called. But I've turned it into a standalone blogroll page in order to have serious backup whenever the templates here or elsewhere (whew!) malfunction.


Yahoo! comes home

Yahoo to start Chennai operations -

Wonder what the iSoftTech people say about it.

Saturday, October 23


Updating your blog

I have always found blogging useful. I go back to my posts on a particular day and every mood comes back to me. But what gets to me is the number of steps I have to go through before my thoughts are online. Even some blogs that I syndicate using FeedReader show old entries as new whenever (this is my guess) the respective blogger republishes the entire blog. Blog*Spot servers may be boatloads in numbers but they hang after a couple of posts. Has anyone encountered similar problems. I understand it is only the template change that gets the system stuck. With the exception of a 'large blog'!

Click here and tell me if this blog is lacking in anything. A sidebar? I know. But beyond that?



Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all of our puja vacation. We are turning into losers as we desperately look for ways to spend the days.

Saw Vastu Shastra yesterday. Was scary like any other horror movie. The unruly crowd helped ease the tension. I guess they were all scared!

Thursday, October 21


On a post past

Refer to the post Cheers to Karthik on this blog sometime back. There was a report in The Hindu on this incident and it was, like all reports not what one would call reflective of the states of minds of the people involved. One doesn't expect that from a report. But this kind of report reading makes us prone to categorising such incidents under the just another one tag.

Objectivity is something we all aim at. But even reporters are human and its humanly impossible to be objective at all times.


Um... Sorry

Apologies to the last commentator. I confused TLS with your blog platform and thus, messed up. TypePad is cool. No doubt about that but what my point was that that Trebuchet MS 14 looks better.

BTW, I post this here only because there was no way of getting in touch with you. I liked the cool looks of the Adium X page.

Wednesday, October 20


Killing Looks

I have been growing more and more desperate to try out TypePad but of course i can't. Pages look awesome on TypePad and for some reason (well read users / sound advice from customer support), the overall design is so neat that I could eat my fingers. Here's one and here's another one on UserLand.

I'm a sucker for good layout. A blog is text heavy alright but design and layout lend the writer's individual signature to the pages. Achieving a good combination of simple, non-intrusive design and good compelling text is something I can never stop admiring.


Cheers to Karthik

A bit late, but I would still like to link to this post. Read this and the next time you think of 'putting up' or 'chilling', change your mind.



I just came across HT Blogs at Sulekha. A rich bloggers network. Good for respite from the spanish and french blogs here at Blog*Spot! Pardon my level of ignorance with these tongues. But many like me can't get past the english web.

Tuesday, October 19


The Linkages

This is Biz stone demonstrating Blogger at the DigitAll Life Expo in New York City>> Biz Stone Demonstrating Blogger

This image is hosted at FlickR in the creation of which apparently Glish had a role to play. Glish, who has created several templates for Blogger users has a simply amazing blog. As a dedicated Blogger user, I wonder what Glish and Stone would talk about over coffee. I also wonder what I would not give to drop in on them for coffee. Actually, the coffee doesn't even matter.


On Blogging

Biz Stone said somewhere that he finds it funny that he still has to make speeches with titles like WHAT IS BLOGGING?

We were informed today that at some point of time in the near future, we might be subject to the debate on whether blogs can be considered representative of true journalism.

In the introduction to his book, Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content Biz Stone puts forth the power of the blog pretty convincingly with the analogy connecting its ease with the cumbersome routines of traditional publishing. Here's a link to that particular page on If it doesn't work, sorry! Maybe you are too late and Amazon has removed the scan.



I just republished the entire blog (something I hadn't done in ages because the ease of the index only button kept me) and must say I like the new look. Everything is right where I wanted it. Sidebar with description on the right. Body background white with black verdana text. Banner just waiting to be worked upon. And hoorray...! A list of links to ten of the previous posts I made!

Clicking back, I just realised I had started this blog with no intentions of keeping it. The first ever entry (not very long ago) clearly says that this blog was named Mindless. I seem to vaguely recollect naming it HTML (Hapi's Totally Mindless bLog>.


Monday, October 18



Rummaging around, I found some seemingly unused blogger templates at a relatively lesser known site. It has a right sidebar, a previous posts list, archives and an editable banner (I'll do it later). Plus there is a pre-made RSS link on the sidebar.

Now all I need is a pagerank two stops higher than what I have now!

Saturday, October 16


Hypothetical co-operation

I agreed to watch the Exorcist at Sathyam with a certain lot who seemed to find The Chronicles of Riddick **********. We found that it (Exorcist) was bought out. Then I got everyone to agree to Catwoman. They agreed because I had agreed to their plan. It was bought out too.

We went nowhere. But we were even.

Friday, October 15


Blog Aware

User participation is something no online service can ignore if it is serious about its continued existence. Funnily, it seems (and is obvious to an extent too) that with all the people flashing past servers across the Internet, content itself is being redefined. According to this article at bloggers, though still a relative minority, are contributing to 'content' on the net in the form of photographs, videos, articles and the whole gamut of forms that netizens have gotten used to.

On a more personal note, I finally found an Oriya bloggers' community at Orkut. Haven't looked up the details on each of the users yet, but it already feels like home.

Thursday, October 14


Page and Brin

Larry Page and Sergei Brin are in Bangalore. Looking around I guess. They made quite a buzz. Much as I would like to be there with a camera phone and blogging every single moment of it, I can't.


I have a lot of work to do. Am in ACJ. Sorry for the repitition.

I don't have a camera phone and/or a laptop.

This is for the powers that be. To my guardian angels. You have been good to me. But on this... let my discontent be taken note of.


Found this!

Found quite a lot of stuff. Had my presentation on Outlook Magazine's October second issue today. Went well. Found a site called BlogBinders and that the URL now takes you to Yahoo! Groups. I have been making rants in all my blogs for ages about the inevitability of something called Yahoo! Blogs soon staring us all in the face. Somebody.... (gasp!) please give me credit....! (Uh...)

Found a lot of alternate HTML template solutions for Blogger. Blogger-Templates and being some of them.

One's blog needs are never satisfied. First I cribbed about limited templates. Then it was crappy content. Then availability of so many design options weans me away from writing. This will be the longest entry I've made in ages I guess. Must make it more 'visitable'.

Wednesday, October 13



Checking to see if my comment box activation has actually taken place. If it has, you can post your comments here from now on.



Even though I find myself reluctant of saying that I am done with redesigning, I will say it. Perhaps I will replace the VAIO graphic with one of my own and customise the tenplate a bit, I would refrain from making further redesigns.

On a happier note, I found NEXT BLOG >>> with a Google page rank of 2/10 this morning. Wonder if I caused it myself???

Tuesday, October 12


Been playing again!

In every sense of the world. Found Blogger-Templates and have been experimenting through it all and trying to settle upon one. Plenty screwed up as far as deciding is concerned. As I always am!

The flash one lookes good though.

Monday, October 11


A Brief History

I started with Blogger like most others. long before they had the cute round corner button as their logo. I continued to make an odd entry once every two or three weeks until I came to see tBlog and got hooked to its community centric approach to the whole concept of blogging. Something that Blogger hasn't done yet, but I guess they have their own reasons. Comment box spamming is not something most would like to put up with. What took me away from tBlog was that the way to add entries was through an HTML based update page that took forever to load. While what I could do with the page layout and the colours on my blog was amazing, the urge to write had to be stifled everytime it struck because the thought of having to log in and click so many times to publish my entries was too much to bear.

I set out on my quest again, never quite out of touch with Blogger and the many blogs I maintained there. It was due to this that I was one of the first fortunate ones who got a Gmail invite through Blogger. Please keep in mind that all of this never happened on an epic time scale. When I say 'long', I merely mean a week or at the best two. The number of hours spent online is what counts.

I remembered Blurty from a conversation I had with a pretty girl in Pune who, incidentally I never could track down again (I forgot her URL). Blurty appeared cumbersome. Dozens of clicks to get access to any particular function and I could never be certain wheather I was logged in or out. But there WAS this nifty little downloadable utility that made things smooth as they ever could be. Page design customisability was limited but simple was best.

I maintained a very frequently updated journal for long and in the meantime started dappling in code through my experiments lon services like ModBlog and BlogSkins.

Then one day discovered the phenomenon called LiveJournal Clone !!!

Wasn't hooked at first sight but the downloadable client's login screen looked neater with the LJ Pencil icon and the page could be tuned more to my preferences. So even though the template I currently use on Vimoh's Blog is cool, I don't like the idea of logging in to everytime the write-bug bites. The Blog This button on the Google Toolbar is good but its still web based.



Christopher Reeve died to day at the age of 52. Wonder if it has something to do with my Superman themed journal at Mindsay was disapproved.

LiveJournal is better at interactivity because of the ability to post anonymous comments.

Tuesday, October 5



Make that


New Blog

Please visit my new blog at

Monday, October 4


1st of 2nd

Its the first day of the second term. The wise words about the Term(inator) have come true. Its going good. Someone at Tech Arena has been expressing his antipathy to blogging rather vociferously these days. I clicked in horror on a link to a recent entry of his that seemed to imply that my blog was boring. Then got back under control because his words were for someone else.

We talked of blogs in class too. Will talk more I guess. Will have to. Apparently we are to have more new media specific lectures later in the term. Some aimed at Blogging. Quite a few saw the b-word being added to their vocabularies today. This blog had the honour of being their first destination on the blogosphere.

Have been wondering whether I should throw out my luggage and furniture to accomodate the books I end up buying from Landmark each time I visit Spencer Plaza. Must start finishing them. Halfway through Stapledon's Star Makar now. Plus there is Asimov's Opus 300 to get through too. Got Terry Prachett's The Truth this morning.

Saturday, October 2



The damned keyboard is quirky. Ignore the minor spelling mistakes in the last post. I don't want to edit the first rambling account.


At Tiruvannamallai

I hope I spelt that alright. So, I am at this neat scenic place with five colleagues and seriously regret not binging my camera. If ever there was a time I could use it, this is it!

I just climbed a mighty mount and saw the whole township from above. Like a god.

It was something a mere blog can't express. Hmm...maybe a photoblog can. A very dear friend promised me that she would visit my blog today. If she reads this, then let her accept my kind welcome.

Second term starts from Monday. I look forward to it inspite of the pending asignments from last term. Cinema Studies and Photojournalism and the ACTUAL new media classes. Speaking of which, I recall wistfully desiring a camera phone and a photoblog at the top of the mount.

Friday, October 1


Term End

Had the new media presentation today. All went well. That we had a text centric site was not a problem. The chief presenter has mastered the art of fibbing. I choose ours as the best. No arguements!

Think I'll go to Spenser's and roam about, repeating, "Term end, term end..."

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