Monday, October 4


1st of 2nd

Its the first day of the second term. The wise words about the Term(inator) have come true. Its going good. Someone at Tech Arena has been expressing his antipathy to blogging rather vociferously these days. I clicked in horror on a link to a recent entry of his that seemed to imply that my blog was boring. Then got back under control because his words were for someone else.

We talked of blogs in class too. Will talk more I guess. Will have to. Apparently we are to have more new media specific lectures later in the term. Some aimed at Blogging. Quite a few saw the b-word being added to their vocabularies today. This blog had the honour of being their first destination on the blogosphere.

Have been wondering whether I should throw out my luggage and furniture to accomodate the books I end up buying from Landmark each time I visit Spencer Plaza. Must start finishing them. Halfway through Stapledon's Star Makar now. Plus there is Asimov's Opus 300 to get through too. Got Terry Prachett's The Truth this morning.

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