Sunday, October 31


31st of October

This day will be forever be celebrated as the mess say at VmBloG. It is the day when all posts made on a day chose where they want to go. I have forgotten what post I made at what time. They are all jumbled up.

Any way, that's what I am here to talk about. I found Yahoo! Next. Interesting page. Though a bit blank.

Hmm... This one came on top! I guess the glitch is fixed.

Thanks for putting up my website on your blogroll.

I got to point one more thing. Your Feed burner feed is not updating. The last post that it shows is "the .in domain from Economic...". The news ones are not refereshing on the aggregator. May be it is my aggregator issue (I use Sage with FireFox). Your VMBlog feed works right.

Sorry to have to add to your frustration. But I thought I will let you know.

Your rant on blogger was it was taking to too much time to publish your posts right? the 0%...going very slowly to 100%. Did you try this,

What is BlogThis! ?When I posted with this button, It was pretty quick. It did not do the % part. Keep me posted.

- Ganesh

PS: Cross posting.
VmBlog can be syndicated this way too.
Thanx for getting back on me with that one. I knew it though! I guess its happening because of my reformatting the feed url so many times. I tried to fix it but with so many third party add ins working on the template, it was nearly impossible.

I made a final post on the odd blog. And am..... back on to VmBloG. *ashamed at my flitting self*

I made some changes though. Please be kind enough to update the link in your blogroll from the oddblog to VmBloG.

Thanks again!
no the problem was not due to blogthis. something else. everything works now
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