Monday, October 11


A Brief History

I started with Blogger like most others. long before they had the cute round corner button as their logo. I continued to make an odd entry once every two or three weeks until I came to see tBlog and got hooked to its community centric approach to the whole concept of blogging. Something that Blogger hasn't done yet, but I guess they have their own reasons. Comment box spamming is not something most would like to put up with. What took me away from tBlog was that the way to add entries was through an HTML based update page that took forever to load. While what I could do with the page layout and the colours on my blog was amazing, the urge to write had to be stifled everytime it struck because the thought of having to log in and click so many times to publish my entries was too much to bear.

I set out on my quest again, never quite out of touch with Blogger and the many blogs I maintained there. It was due to this that I was one of the first fortunate ones who got a Gmail invite through Blogger. Please keep in mind that all of this never happened on an epic time scale. When I say 'long', I merely mean a week or at the best two. The number of hours spent online is what counts.

I remembered Blurty from a conversation I had with a pretty girl in Pune who, incidentally I never could track down again (I forgot her URL). Blurty appeared cumbersome. Dozens of clicks to get access to any particular function and I could never be certain wheather I was logged in or out. But there WAS this nifty little downloadable utility that made things smooth as they ever could be. Page design customisability was limited but simple was best.

I maintained a very frequently updated journal for long and in the meantime started dappling in code through my experiments lon services like ModBlog and BlogSkins.

Then one day discovered the phenomenon called LiveJournal Clone !!!

Wasn't hooked at first sight but the downloadable client's login screen looked neater with the LJ Pencil icon and the page could be tuned more to my preferences. So even though the template I currently use on Vimoh's Blog is cool, I don't like the idea of logging in to everytime the write-bug bites. The Blog This button on the Google Toolbar is good but its still web based.

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