Friday, October 29



I have had so many rants on this already that I can not go on any more. In short there are only two ways for the average blogger to go. While those who can, go the premium way and those who can't have to rely on the industry leader. Who by the way is free too!

Motime's features speak for themselves. It is a cool service. But their decision to keep RSS reserved for upgrading users limits some particularly ambitious bloggers. Most third party blog additive providers work with BM (blogger main) as a benchmark. That renders several tools useless on Motime. On blogger, even though I can manipulate pretty much every aspect of the blog's look and feel (which I can't. Yet!) the very fact that it is home to the most bloggers keeps it under the performance mark.

I can be sure that one image I would take to my grave with nightmarish associations would be that of the 'publishing blog' notification which keeps going 0%. On and on and on!

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