Saturday, October 30


I love Internet Explorer!

I reckon you have all heard of FireFox fans and Opera fans and whatnot fans. But the browser that users the world over use and come to relate the internet with is IE. Never heard of a fanclub though. It all came to my attention while re-re-re-re-designing the odd blog. The previews showed up well in IE, as was expected. Opera ate the slim Motime bar on the top and for Firefox, I had to edit the title bar's height. Not that I have any problem with it but I thought somewhere, there must be a group of people who make no bones about the fact that they love IE, as I do! *flinches*

Found this!

I would like to see if there are 'I LUV IE' publicity buttons available. Yes, I know Microsoft could never use more advertising than it already has but still.....

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