Wednesday, October 20


Killing Looks

I have been growing more and more desperate to try out TypePad but of course i can't. Pages look awesome on TypePad and for some reason (well read users / sound advice from customer support), the overall design is so neat that I could eat my fingers. Here's one and here's another one on UserLand.

I'm a sucker for good layout. A blog is text heavy alright but design and layout lend the writer's individual signature to the pages. Achieving a good combination of simple, non-intrusive design and good compelling text is something I can never stop admiring.

Um... hey, thanks for the link, but my weblog ( which is the "other one" link you used) isn't built with typepad, it's built with my company's tool, Conversant.

Look here for more examples of Conversant sites:

Actually, I'm not sure you meant that I was on typepad, but if not then I'm not sure what you meant at all. What's that "on UserLand" mean?
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