Wednesday, November 3


Royally ....

The blog is not showing up at all! Just the blogger navbar. RSS feeds are picking up updates as soon as pinged but the browser gives me the cached copy. I thought it was an IE issue but Opera is stuck too. More as soon as Blogger support responds.


Added On

Added a new quick comment feature. Source this page. Try it. Good for easy access by visitors.


Reasons to celebrate!

Sometime during the last twelve hours, VmBloG passed the 75th post. Diamond Jubilee!

Plus, Kat received a promotion. Read The Miracle of Being Second Best: Six years on, a decoration. Best wishes from me!

Tuesday, November 2


mBlog goes the pay way has ceased to offer free blogs. Don't know when but I just happened to go back and check it up. Got this instead. Old members must pay to get their archives returned to them!

mBlog - blog anywhere: "To obtain an archive of your files for import into an alternate blogging system please enter your mBlog name below."



E-OMNINET I have always wanted to have a Yifan account. Unfortunately, they stopped taking in new members a long time ago. The only service that ever came close to the appeal of Yifan was Junglemate. Its creators folded it up to promote their new paid service Solve360.



File Transfer Solution

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

I haven't tried it myself. And given the fact that Yahoo! Mail, even after it opened up the attachment size limits to ten whopping megabytes, sometimes hangs in the middle of a transfer, I would expect anyone who decides to follow the link above to try it out for him/herself.



I have been against the way FireFox markets itself for sometime. But I love the cool buttons. Below is an excerpt from Why I don't recommend Firefox :: Adam Kalsey which I found really funny. Read the whole thing.

Why I don't recommend Firefox :: Adam Kalsey: "Most Web users don't know what a browser is. That blue E they click on the desktop isn't a browser, it's "The Internet." Or maybe it's "Yahoo" if that's what their home page is set to. Tell them to download a new browser and they don't understand what you mean. I put Firefox on my wife's computer and removed the IE link. She asked why she didn't have My Yahoo on the computer anymore. My wife's not stupid - to her the IE logo is how she got to the Web. Without that, she didn't know how to get to My Yahoo."


NewsGator Way!

Found NewsGator Online and honestly think that it is a much better solution for web content aggregation than many downloadable feed reading clients. The pages are neat and fast loading, making the entire potentially cumbersome process of adding and keeping track of feeds easier than My Yahoo!

I added a newsgator syndication button to my sidebar. Hope it leads some to use the cool service.


Too Bad!

Gmail Notifier Requires Windows 2000, XP or newer :( I won't upgrade to XP for anything though. Thought I could take it for a test drive.

Monday, November 1


out to save the world

This week I have to cover... guess what? THE WORLD!!!

Wonder what that means. To those unacquainted with all things ACJ, we get assigned beats to cover each week. The coming week will probably see us making friends with the CMS. Thats the content management system.

Saw Morning Raaga the day before. Wasn't bad. Wasn't good either. With movies like that my stoical way of doing things helps a lot. Isolate each scene in the movie and rank them in the order of your liking. Then remember what you like and chuck out the wooden faced lead, the plot that was full of patches, the what not....

I think I would have enjoyed Ladder 49 though. In spite of the binaries and stuff.


Behold! The future of web design!

This, real cool! If it had not been for browser compatibility issues, CSS would be ruling the world today. Infact, a while ago, I tried downloading a CSS skin for my blog from Glish but the page looked all messed up. That phrase again! Dang!

Just take a look at what miracles are up!

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design


Yahoo! on the blogosphere!

Found Yahoo! Search blog. Good for its neat looks and the neat attitude. Doesn't look like one of those marketing notice boards on the blogosphere at all.

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