Thursday, December 30



Alright, so I am back. In a very no-promises kind of way. Charbatia now has two cyber cafes. I am right now packed in a cubicle of the newer one. Its new alright. There are puja flowers on the keyboard. The ISP (ahem) is R Connect.

Have started missing Chennai. Part of me rues not being there when 'stories' were literally floating in the air just waiting to be drafted. Another part of me rues not being there for more humane reasons. I have to blog a lot about my time at home. But I doubt will comply with such a fragile data transfer rate. So, when I get back to Cuttack, I will make a long post out of several little two liners I've been jotting down in my notebook. Signing out!

Monday, December 27


Bye! (For now!)

superman, originally uploaded by mattvideo.

Well! This is it! Before I head off into three days of blissful do-nothingness. Let Superman greet all visitors till I'm back!



day shot, originally uploaded by vimoh.

Was reminded of the meet at the beach.

Offline again:

I may be offline for a period of five days from tomorrow onwards. I will be visiting Charbatia, the A.R.C. campus. The place I grew up in. The 50 feet market place does have a cyber cafe` but I am not too intent on visiting it. If however, I am convinced of better service from them than I have had in the past (which involved typing URLs in the address bar, hitting enter, growing old and dying), I may blog again.

Sify News of this morning said that the overall toll in TN has reached almost 2500. A look at Yahoo's count tells you of an overall south asian toll of 11,800. This is getting worrying by the minute. Ironic then, that the morning of the quake here, when there were rumors of more tremors in the Cuttack - Bhubaneswar belt, my mom actually said, "I wish nothing happens before you leave for Chennai".

Andaman and Nicobar faced a quake after the tidal waves. 20 killed and 100 injured.

Sri Lanka lost over 4000. Not that I wish to appear stoical and all but the kind of numbers we are reading remind me of the post super cyclone days in Orissa in 1999.

I am missing home!

Sunday, December 26

Earthquake! Not quite the destructive variety though. The glass panes on the shelf started gently clinking against each other. Then my uncle roared for us to get out of the house. In a minute there we were, all seven of us out in the street. When someone asked my brother what it was that caused even me to get up at six thirty, he sheepishly told them that it was nothing.

Upon returning to the comfort of the blanket, I was told that further and more powerful quakes are expected in the Cuttack - Bhubaneswar belt. Upon getting online fifteen minutes ago, the feeds tell me that Chennai had the real thing.

Hope all stays calm.

Saturday, December 25

Isn't a part of being gutsy, being upright about it?

At long last, passwords to my home computer are accessible to me. Guess what I did with them. I am making this post from W.Bloggar, this time from home!


Merry Christmas!

I wish everyone a merry christmas! Be (very) proud! You have just been granted a happy new year by me!

Friday, December 24



I haven't the slightest idea as to where the counterparts of our desi representatives of the people rank when it comes to being vocal with their emotions, but I think we would outrun the closest competitor by footlong phrases!

Where else, but in India, would you find the likes of this?


Trisha's Complaint

Ahem! This is to further some fellow bloggers' apprehensions regarding the recent ruccus. Can blog. Will blog, might be dangerous. But it has been expounded upon in ample detail and thus my going into it in any major way is unnecessary.

Just beware!

Wednesday, December 22


Air Force One

More proof of the fellow who seems to be running the show. Yesterday evening, while I sat remembering the days when they asked me to "go study", Star Movies treated me to Air Force One. I spent the full two hours revelling in utter US deifying rhetoric and marvelling at a US president who does the right thing!

It is oddly liberating at times to view world politics from a point of view as naive as Hollywood's. If only the 'real world' was as journo friendly!

Tuesday, December 21



Yesterday saw the prominent oriya daily The Samaja selling out its frontpage to Airtel. The full page ad showed Sachin Tendulkar saying something to the effect of "We have arrived". Airtel recently entered the mobile services market in Orissa with the usual bang.

I never expected (or did I?) The Samaja to.... But then.... Gasp.

The stray reader who picks up papers from news stands just to get the headlines would have all the more reason to complain.

Monday, December 20


Back to college

I went to college today. The same one I graduated out of (with honours... just in case you forgot!) Felt funny being back among the petty politics and among those I love and those I particularly don't. But being objective and all I chose to just carry around the broad grin that had plastered itself upon my unsuspecting face and look around for possible changes. There were none. Cuttack changes slow. The number of old acquaintances I ran into was phenomenal. Makes you wonder if there actually is someone running the entire show after all!

A bit of a detail: My best friend has a girlfriend now. Felt funny (again) to see the dork tenderly hold his lady's hand while they both sipped pineapple juice (my treat!). I guess our drooling days are over now!

P.S: This entry was composed while I listensed to the background track that accompanies this site. Thanks Prabhu!

Sunday, December 19



As someone younger than me once said, "Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog".

Thursday, December 9


For those who came in late...
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I literally grew up on comic books. Among our local horde of superheroes, I particularly loved the whole RAJ Comics bandwagon. Pity, their site is so full of bad grammar and bad design that apart from bringing back fond school day memories, it serves no practical purpose.

I remember the accolade a classmate of mine received for having figured out that giving comic books brown paper covers like textbooks makes reading them during classes a lot easier. Also, the whole exchange chain that had all of us in it. I buy one. Some others buy one each too. Then we exchange them so no one misses out on the monthly adventures. Somewhere down the line, one of us would lose one book and then eventually forget it. Months later, the same issue would be found doing the rounds at some other exchange chain! No one, not even the most shameless of defaulters, were ever thrown out of the chains. By the time I finished B.A, we had only two left in the chain. Me and a guy called Ajit Sahu. Not much of a chain that! But I learnt that he wasn't buying comics any more. He sourced his monthly adventures from a school kid who lived next door to him. The kid's chain mates were missing their comics!


Ram Mahesh S looking at two big rocks that reportedly were used by Bhimsen from the Mahabharata as a stove.
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This is what I got as part of my mid-term assessment:

"Consciously strive for depth and and improvement in your work and not be content with merely fulfilling the bare necessities of a task".

I shouldn't be blogging this actually. Future employers getting scared off and stuff. But if we do have a similar assessment in the third term, I will blog it too. Just to see what levels I am pushed to.

Here's something to smile about!

Vijayendra Mohanty looking cooler than usual. Photo: Virat Markandeya

I just made a presentation on (of all things) relativity! Was by far the most competent one I have managed in my life. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was talking about something I love.

I was in charge of going about the business of what happens when you exceed the speed of light. Because our instructions were to keep it as 'layman friendly as possible, I kept to examples and avoided equations and numbers. We started with H.G. Wells' idea of an objects existing through time being an essential. Then took them through the speed of light being a said constant and Einstein's much loved E=MC2 and went on to describe in a bit of detail, the relation between the speed of light and time dilation due to gravity. Then we got to the possible ways of reversing what Hawking calls the 'arrow of time'. We took off from 'The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns' of economics and made an attempt to relate it to the way time behaves when mass exceeds the speed of light.

If none of it makes any sense, blame me. I will blog some of it later if any one is interested. This is just a post presentation 'high' entry.

Wednesday, December 8

Here I am again. On yet another avatar of odd. I do not suppose any number of apologies would be enough for those who have displayed superhuman patience as I have switched services and tools in the course of the last year. I am seriously beginning to believe in what one of my teachers told me. That technology tends to wean you away from what you use it for.

I have returned to blogger after numerous adventures elsewhere. The looks will take time coming back to the way I want them to but for all practical purposes, this is where I will be from now on.

P.S: If you are firefoxing, please take note of the feeds. Sorry again!

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