Monday, December 20


Back to college

I went to college today. The same one I graduated out of (with honours... just in case you forgot!) Felt funny being back among the petty politics and among those I love and those I particularly don't. But being objective and all I chose to just carry around the broad grin that had plastered itself upon my unsuspecting face and look around for possible changes. There were none. Cuttack changes slow. The number of old acquaintances I ran into was phenomenal. Makes you wonder if there actually is someone running the entire show after all!

A bit of a detail: My best friend has a girlfriend now. Felt funny (again) to see the dork tenderly hold his lady's hand while they both sipped pineapple juice (my treat!). I guess our drooling days are over now!

P.S: This entry was composed while I listensed to the background track that accompanies this site. Thanks Prabhu!

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