Wednesday, December 8

Here I am again. On yet another avatar of odd. I do not suppose any number of apologies would be enough for those who have displayed superhuman patience as I have switched services and tools in the course of the last year. I am seriously beginning to believe in what one of my teachers told me. That technology tends to wean you away from what you use it for.

I have returned to blogger after numerous adventures elsewhere. The looks will take time coming back to the way I want them to but for all practical purposes, this is where I will be from now on.

P.S: If you are firefoxing, please take note of the feeds. Sorry again!

That question still stands...Why return to Blogger? You do have odd and iexplore. In the past, Blogger gave you plenty of problems..Right?
I saw the Chennai blogger meet pictures on two albums. Yours and Hareesh's. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
My reasons for returning to Blogger.

Feeds, some other services being incompatible with certain plugins I like to put in my template, Google, having to log in to blogger anyway to comment, being fidgety and the like.

Say a hello to Krishiv.
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