Thursday, December 9

I just made a presentation on (of all things) relativity! Was by far the most competent one I have managed in my life. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was talking about something I love.

I was in charge of going about the business of what happens when you exceed the speed of light. Because our instructions were to keep it as 'layman friendly as possible, I kept to examples and avoided equations and numbers. We started with H.G. Wells' idea of an objects existing through time being an essential. Then took them through the speed of light being a said constant and Einstein's much loved E=MC2 and went on to describe in a bit of detail, the relation between the speed of light and time dilation due to gravity. Then we got to the possible ways of reversing what Hawking calls the 'arrow of time'. We took off from 'The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns' of economics and made an attempt to relate it to the way time behaves when mass exceeds the speed of light.

If none of it makes any sense, blame me. I will blog some of it later if any one is interested. This is just a post presentation 'high' entry.

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