Thursday, December 9

I literally grew up on comic books. Among our local horde of superheroes, I particularly loved the whole RAJ Comics bandwagon. Pity, their site is so full of bad grammar and bad design that apart from bringing back fond school day memories, it serves no practical purpose.

I remember the accolade a classmate of mine received for having figured out that giving comic books brown paper covers like textbooks makes reading them during classes a lot easier. Also, the whole exchange chain that had all of us in it. I buy one. Some others buy one each too. Then we exchange them so no one misses out on the monthly adventures. Somewhere down the line, one of us would lose one book and then eventually forget it. Months later, the same issue would be found doing the rounds at some other exchange chain! No one, not even the most shameless of defaulters, were ever thrown out of the chains. By the time I finished B.A, we had only two left in the chain. Me and a guy called Ajit Sahu. Not much of a chain that! But I learnt that he wasn't buying comics any more. He sourced his monthly adventures from a school kid who lived next door to him. The kid's chain mates were missing their comics!

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