Monday, January 31


SkyCaptain and the blah!

For once, I was stumped. How can a movie's technical folk be so innovative and the creative folk be so uncreative? I admit with much shame that my intuition deceived me on this. Usually, my first impressions are correct about any movie whose trailor I have been exposed to.There is a comic book touch to all the scenes. The villain is an unseen (and suuposedly insane) scientist. He sends forth giant robots and flying machines (which BTW, are aerodynamic impossibilities) to rob the world's major cities of their power generators. There is the hero who takes to the skies in one of those mythic WW2 type planes. No ordinary plane either. Refer to your old gadget ridden comic book collection for the details. There is the proverbial daring (dolt!) reporter by the name of Polly Perkins. The genius gadget-maker who has made everything makeable. Gasp! I am revealing too much of the story. Suffer for yourself.Now for the innovative 'old time' look that I was talking about. It is much easier to appreciate the presentation if I block out the content. Everything from the scene transition to the impossibly comic bookish looking giant robots are made perfect to the period. There is even the inexplicable air of old school swashbuckling skyward bound adventure to the presentation. The plot had little to do with it though.Perhaps I am being too harsh on it. Maybe they wanted to make a dumb looking movie. Well, they did.


Friday, January 28



Blogger support said the post had cache issues. Let's see if this shows up.

Thursday, January 27



Been doing some additions lately. Added the bloglines list to the sidebar, added the creativecommons license to the bottom and added a full grown blogger to the blogosphere. Classmate and news hunter Ratan Gaikwad has started blogging. Wish him luck!


Incredibles (Again)

Technically, The Incredibles was the second movie I saw for the second time. The first movie I saw a second time was Spider-Man Second. Enough of that. Point is that I did NOT regret it. Smiled through Boundin' and displayed ample childlike glee right through the adventure.

Not that it had much of an original plot but that's not what one asks of a mock superheroic anyway. Dash was my favourite. Probably because he was the only one not involved in any amount of sentimentality that I could blame the movie of (if I had the heart for it). Frozone just reeks of Samuel L. Jackson but is none the worse for it.

Time well spent, second time over.

Tuesday, January 25


Rohan Pinto's Answer

Rohan Pinto has published an answer to all the ruccus of the past week or so on his blog(?). His domain has been stripped of all colour and the lack of a permalink hurts. I feel his arguement doesn't pass muster.

From my perspective, all I did, was post exceprts and in some cases the entire of the best of blogs that i stumbled upon.. Well, looke like bloggers own copyrights to their posts, The uncanny fact is that they do not post any copyright information, which makes me wonder as to why there exist copyrights like creative commons etc...
Well, fellow bloggers, do post copyrights on your site so other fellow bloggers do not make mistakes by pulling out excerpts from your site. We are all humans and make mistakes, but being branded from mistakes can often cause the downslide of human existence

But then, this is how you should post excerpts. You tell people that this has been the source and that you wish to thank the original authors for their understanding.

Monday, January 24


Rohan Pinto the Plagiarist

Rohan Pinto has been copying matter from other into his own. First of all, its bad. Secondly, its just damn dumb. I hope every such pest is identified and taken care of.

It is because of this kind of behaviour that the free culture inherent to the web is looked upon as a problem to be taken care of. Power and responsibility again.

Sunday, January 23


Kisna Sucked

I hardly ever have good feelings about Subhash Ghai's . At best, its melodious and colourful. At worst, illogical. Kisna, if I remember correctly, had started making waves even before Mukta arts had started advertising. I seem to still think that I watched Titanic. There is this old lady who comes from the far west and starts on the elaborate business of looking nostalgic by looking past cliffs and caressing rocks. Then there are the stupid journos who frustrate her into retelling what she is nostalgic about. She recounts an untold tale of love, devotion and utter boredom. I wouldn't sully my with the details. This is turning into a freaking review. Something I never do. Watch it to get what Ghai has been serving for ages. Sickeningly male chauvinist images, dumb tricks, eminently censorable fight scenes in which the enraged hero chucks the baddie into flames wherefrom he emerges with a half burnt face (but an uncannily safe eye) to shoot the hero.

Thursday, January 20


King of Hindustan

What crap! These people called themselves an encyclopedia? Hanuman is the monkey god and king of Hindustan. It is because of parochial images like this projected across the continents that India is still a country of snake charmers. I should hold my indignance actually. Its just another one of those chuckable resources.


Son of Hanuman

A certain post on Sammy's Blog about flying being common in vedic times, brought back memories of watching B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat on Doordarshan long ago. I remember hearing one about the son of Hanuman. Yes! I know how it sounds. I told someone the same story some time ago and got, "Yeah sure! And I am Queen Elizabeth..." kind of responses. Whatever that might have been, here is the story - or what I remember of it.

It seems that after the mighty ape had set every single 'attalika' in Lanka to fire, he landed on the beach and extinguished the flames on his tail with the sea water. The tail was slightly scorched but that obviously didn't mean a thing to the 'mahabali'. He took off at wind speed toward Shri Ram's camp across the sea, unaware of that shred of burnt skin that had travelled through the sea into paatal lok and then to Naag Lok (the land of the serpents). This is where my memory blurrs. What I remember is that there was a certain serpent maid who, having been brought up on a steady dose of tales and in obvious awe of the mighty, flying warrior ape on the surface. So smitten was she that she impregnated herself with Hanuman's ansh (DNA folks! The Naags had advanced genetics. They could morph into anything, from what I've heard).

Years later, Hanuman meets a young Naag who resembles him every respect. Just one thing. He's a Naag!

I did NOT cook this up. Couldn't even look up more on this on the net. If someone knows more please expose the ape of steel!


Spidery Business

Not quite able to hold my glee at India's impending release, I posted an entry on my livejournal hoping to be picked up by technorati's spiders. They didn't pick me up.

Desperate to do talk some about Spidey, I uploaded the above pic to FlickR. Technorati tags are supposed to pick up the latest image tagged with the same tag as them. Easy to imagine that no one else had been uploading spidey photos for some time now.

Wednesday, January 19 is now online!

Some people are modest. They don't make a big deal out of every small accomplishment. I assure you I am one of them. In spite of the lack of any serious accomplishments. Just this once however, I will drop the pretensions and yell into the virtual spaces yonder.

A week on assignment, an almost hellish fortnight with deadlines whooshing past, hours and hours of brainstorming over design concepts (majority of which never made it past the 'brain'), and a supply of patience I never knew existed within me. All this and a lot of hardworking and responsible people to count on, made what we today uploaded to by the name of Covering Deprivation.

Its easier on my fingers to type now. Even as more serious concerns surface and formally resign from the design team with honest and noble intentions of devoting more amounts of time to my GK (got 3 and a half in the afternoon news quiz) and actual fieldwork, I hope I DO more.

Monday, January 17


Refrain from plots to kill me!

Please hold on as I work to restore comments, navbar, recent posts link list, badges, FlickR gallery.... phew! Somehow, the list didn't seem so long when I first thought it up. Doing it all from scratch. Bear with me.


I Express Blogging

Indian Express carries a story on Blogging. Via


Pavitr Prabhakar

Pavitr Prabhakar found mention on Oxblog. The Indian version of Spider-Man is soon to make a debut. Are there many others looking forward to his swinging in ceremony?


Aha! Part 2

Things happen, usually for the better. I could say they happen for the best here in the blogosphere. I could even say they happen for me! But I won't say any of these things because there is no wood around to knock. Not quality, knockable wood anyway. So here goes the unemotional account of the day past.

Shortly after yesterday's template disaster, and my eminently shakeable faith in Blogger suffered another major jolt. I love the service for being Google's and for being completely at my disposal (minus the downtimes of course!) at all given times. And the problem wasn't with Blogger even. My clumsy fingers did it all. Then there was the Technorati Tags Query which got me this response from Dave:

It isn't very hard. Instead of linking via "< a href="">tags< /a>" you simply use:"< a href="" rel="tag">tags< /a>"There are also some easy-to-use bookmarklets out there, look for technorati tag bookmarklet on Technorati to get and use some...

Thanks to David for the tips. Thanks to Ganesh for telling me he has been watching cartoons.

Life in general, is back to normal and ............... I will blog again!

Sunday, January 16


See? I told you!

No matter how hard I try, no matter how far away I run, blogger always draws me back and forces the role of amateur hackster on me. I played with the template more and messed up again. This time the text part of it was accidentally gone. I managed to delete half the template.

Lost Haloscan, lost my ultra cool banner pic, lost everything worth living for. How long will this go on? Please god! Why me? Answer me!


Technorati Tags

Partly due to the urge to shamelessly publicise the entries herein and partly due to morbid curiosity regarding the FlickR-like tags on Technorati, I want to link to a tagged page. Completely because of my dumbness in relation to all things code, I can not do that.

May I then , entirely out of goodwill, extend a hand of friendship to any fellow blogger who might agree to teach me to link using a "rel=tag" in the href?

If you think I wrote all gibberish and still are moved by my call for help, refer to this page and read the grey text on the right. You can carry a post on it on your own blog and leave a link on the comment thread here! May the muses smile at you!



wBloggar now has support for post titles on blogger. That's a load off my heart. Somehow, I had never figured out how to do that in the earlier version.

Wednesday, January 5 is being acquired

Six apart, the weblog provider, is acquiring Livejournal. I went back to Livejournal and found it to be no different from what it was a few months ago. Although they do seem to have toned down on the home page resource section.

My livejournal, which I updated once in a while was surprisingly, alive. Played around with it for a while and firefoxed the URL to discover the atom feeds.

Once you have the livejournal client, it is much easier to blog when the urge strikes. The pages update more readily than bloggers' do. I hope the merger brings cool new manna for all of us! Amen!


Link to my Presentation

I made a presentation on Gmail in the first term, following which Gmail user base grew by a dozen or so. It had been sitting in my Yahoo! Briefcase for a long time. Here's a link. Short and web accessible.



photoblogging via flickr Originally uploaded by vimoh.

Because Ganesh made a post a short while ago on photoblogging but left out FlickR, I think I could sing a little about what I use. FlickR is the absolute photo storage and sharing solution. Photos are converted into flash format for public viewing and can be resized. You can blog not just your photos but any photos that users anywhere in the world have chosen to make public.

Users have to register their blogs with FlickR however. This is made easier because FlickR has auto setup options for popular services like Blogger and Livejournal. The way the photos appear can also be played around with as they have multiple layout options.

Tuesday, January 4


Feed Reader

Feed Reader Originally uploaded by vimoh.

I still see that many fellow bloggers in the neighbourhood visit their favourite blogs one by one through the browser. Ganesh carried a somewhat lengthy post on automatic blog checking some time back.


Mouth Shut!

mouthshut Originally uploaded by vimoh.

This is what the 'my account' page at showed me after I visited it after ages.



sprawled Originally uploaded by vimoh.

Avishek Dastidar taking an afternoon nap. Click on the image to get a closer look at what the computer screen says.


comp you!

comp you!Originally uploaded by vimoh.

Ok, this is why things seem to be going wrong all of a sudden. They took my lucky comp away! If things go their way, I will have it back only after two weeks. Until then, its lab4_1 that'll serve me. I understand its an able machine with noble intentions but it will never replace good old nineteen



I had to delete all the recent photo posts made from FlickR. It so happened that the picture's width was sending the right column of the template down below the left column. Some posts will be back. Maybe it was the muses' way of keeping me from over photoblogging. Perhaps some copyright violation would have met me some way down the future lane.



This just in! My latest dumb stroke. A classmate gifted me a cellphone stand. Because it looked suspiciously like a (miniature) chair, I decided not to hurt her by telling her that she had grossly under estimated the proportions of my rear.

Someone told me a minute ago that I could use it as a desktop accessory too.


Word of the day!

Me! Just joking! Its my birthday today. Not that I am particularly festive. I remember an old man (from my recent trip to AP) who was guiding us through a maze of hilly paths lined with dense bushes and sharp rocks. He looked older than most people I had seen in my life. Must have been at least eighty-five. When I asked him his age (during one of those breaks which we city bred ones had to take to prevent falling right off into the valley) and he told me he didn't know. I remember I laughed out aloud inspite of my breathlessness.

It is only we on the 'surface' who need to remind ourselves of our existence by 'celebrating' our birthdays.

The word of the day BTW, is twit. The forgotten expletive came back to me when I read this post on oxblog.

Saturday, January 1

Even though it may seem odd to wish someone a Happy New Year at a time like this, but I guess this is also when we need to prevail upon the despair that the sad state of affairs has caused us to drop into.


The week that was

I usually try and keep my posts' topics as uniform as possible. But due to the somewhat disorderly state of affairs that prevailed throughout the last week, I am forced to make this post a bit cluttered. Do NOT mind!

I reached Cuttack on the 19th of December. Cuttack is a city in the south eastern state of Orissa in India. Before this I had spent one fantastic week in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India. We were there doing our Covering Deprivation tour. We (I love saying this!) travelled more than twenty kilometres and up to almost three thousand feet above sea level to a village called Machikachintalavalasa up in the mountains. The Orissa border was within sight from there. I even found villagers who spoke my tongue, Oriya. It was something of a dialect but most of it made sense anyway and all was well.

Enough situating. As I was saying, my last week was spent in Charbatia. Charbatia is some eighteen kilometres from Cuttack city and on the other side of the river Mahanadi. It is past a place called Choudwar (infamous for its roudy population) and is officially known as A.R.C. (Aviation Research Centre). It is here, in the A.R.C. campus that I was brought up. The 'campus' as it is known to all within, is an odd sight for someone who has passed mostly rural scenes in a CROWDED bus to get to it. The roads are clear and hardly ever in need of any serious repair (almost always).

The people are by no means all Oriya. Sometimes it even appears to have more bongs than Oriyas. The block I live in, for example, has three Bengali families and one Oriya one (mine).

This time, I had plenty of school reunions to look forward to. I was really sorry my camera was not with me. Things came back to me at such a frequency that I started to wish there was something called mindblogging! I found censored clippings from the recent scandal triggering tapes doing the rounds of the school's kids. I found that our market now had two cybercafes catering to the hangout-hungry romantic couples. I wondered how a cubicle that barely held someone of my proportions, could accomodate a 'couple'. I guess comfort was out of the question.

My time there ended in a hurry. I could have had more of Charbatia I guess. But I am increasingly missing Chennai. My train leaves this evening from Cuttack. I can't wait to get back.

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