Wednesday, January 19 is now online!

Some people are modest. They don't make a big deal out of every small accomplishment. I assure you I am one of them. In spite of the lack of any serious accomplishments. Just this once however, I will drop the pretensions and yell into the virtual spaces yonder.

A week on assignment, an almost hellish fortnight with deadlines whooshing past, hours and hours of brainstorming over design concepts (majority of which never made it past the 'brain'), and a supply of patience I never knew existed within me. All this and a lot of hardworking and responsible people to count on, made what we today uploaded to by the name of Covering Deprivation.

Its easier on my fingers to type now. Even as more serious concerns surface and formally resign from the design team with honest and noble intentions of devoting more amounts of time to my GK (got 3 and a half in the afternoon news quiz) and actual fieldwork, I hope I DO more.

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