Sunday, January 23


Kisna Sucked

I hardly ever have good feelings about Subhash Ghai's . At best, its melodious and colourful. At worst, illogical. Kisna, if I remember correctly, had started making waves even before Mukta arts had started advertising. I seem to still think that I watched Titanic. There is this old lady who comes from the far west and starts on the elaborate business of looking nostalgic by looking past cliffs and caressing rocks. Then there are the stupid journos who frustrate her into retelling what she is nostalgic about. She recounts an untold tale of love, devotion and utter boredom. I wouldn't sully my with the details. This is turning into a freaking review. Something I never do. Watch it to get what Ghai has been serving for ages. Sickeningly male chauvinist images, dumb tricks, eminently censorable fight scenes in which the enraged hero chucks the baddie into flames wherefrom he emerges with a half burnt face (but an uncannily safe eye) to shoot the hero.

and u dear sir, watched it all
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