Tuesday, January 25


Rohan Pinto's Answer

Rohan Pinto has published an answer to all the ruccus of the past week or so on his blog(?). His domain has been stripped of all colour and the lack of a permalink hurts. I feel his arguement doesn't pass muster.

From my perspective, all I did, was post exceprts and in some cases the entire of the best of blogs that i stumbled upon.. Well, looke like bloggers own copyrights to their posts, The uncanny fact is that they do not post any copyright information, which makes me wonder as to why there exist copyrights like creative commons etc...
Well, fellow bloggers, do post copyrights on your site so other fellow bloggers do not make mistakes by pulling out excerpts from your site. We are all humans and make mistakes, but being branded from mistakes can often cause the downslide of human existence

But then, this is how you should post excerpts. You tell people that this has been the source and that you wish to thank the original authors for their understanding.

This is the funniest piece of justification I've seen! :)
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