Sunday, January 16


See? I told you!

No matter how hard I try, no matter how far away I run, blogger always draws me back and forces the role of amateur hackster on me. I played with the template more and messed up again. This time the text part of it was accidentally gone. I managed to delete half the template.

Lost Haloscan, lost my ultra cool banner pic, lost everything worth living for. How long will this go on? Please god! Why me? Answer me!

Oh Bother! (Like the Winnie the Pooh says) :)

You can notice that I been watching cartoons lately.
Don't you have a backup? Before I do a massive change to the template (like the comment hack), I copy the entire template in a text file as a backup. And then if I want to restore the template to the previous state, I simply copy and paste the text file into the template.

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