Sunday, January 16


Technorati Tags

Partly due to the urge to shamelessly publicise the entries herein and partly due to morbid curiosity regarding the FlickR-like tags on Technorati, I want to link to a tagged page. Completely because of my dumbness in relation to all things code, I can not do that.

May I then , entirely out of goodwill, extend a hand of friendship to any fellow blogger who might agree to teach me to link using a "rel=tag" in the href?

If you think I wrote all gibberish and still are moved by my call for help, refer to this page and read the grey text on the right. You can carry a post on it on your own blog and leave a link on the comment thread here! May the muses smile at you!

It isn't very hard. Instead of linking via "< a href="">tags< /a>" you simply use:

"< a href="" rel="tag">tags< /a>"

There are also some easy-to-use bookmarklets out there, look for technorati tag bookmarklet on Technorati to get and use some...

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