Tuesday, January 4


Word of the day!

Me! Just joking! Its my birthday today. Not that I am particularly festive. I remember an old man (from my recent trip to AP) who was guiding us through a maze of hilly paths lined with dense bushes and sharp rocks. He looked older than most people I had seen in my life. Must have been at least eighty-five. When I asked him his age (during one of those breaks which we city bred ones had to take to prevent falling right off into the valley) and he told me he didn't know. I remember I laughed out aloud inspite of my breathlessness.

It is only we on the 'surface' who need to remind ourselves of our existence by 'celebrating' our birthdays.

The word of the day BTW, is twit. The forgotten expletive came back to me when I read this post on oxblog.

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