Wednesday, February 23


Kottke to blog on

Jason Kottke, got the web talking in the last few hours. What has he done? This…

Quitting my job to run full-time is possibly the dumbest economic decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Guardian’s Online Blog takes a safely cynical view of Kottke’s decision. While Ev is all GO! for it.

Quitting a job for creative pursuits is not something I would disapprove of. For those of us without jobs, it is something we can only approve of. In spite of the misery of joblessness creeping in from all sides, this is what Yahoo! emailed me this morning.

You silver-tongued devil, you! As if your already indisputable way with logic weren’t enough, you’ve suddenly been additionally gifted with the ability to charm the socks off of any audience member. Is that fair?

No seriously! Is that fair?

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