Thursday, February 17


Live Web!

The more I see of the-live-aggregation-of-web type services, the more I am impressed. Technorati Tags, Daypop's aggregation, Blogdex and now Intelliseek's Blogpulse. Ignore the now in the last sentence. Discovered Blogpulse some time ago. It is the act of actually contributing to the web that makes me stop and wonder out aloud. This is not consumerism. This is something that justifies the original plan for the Internet.

The difference is conceptual. The Internet is not a library. At least not the kind of library we are used to. If it is a library then perhaps it is one where you are allowed to disagree with the librarian loudly. You are allowed to scribble on the walls of the library and in some cases even write on the books if you find a typo (wiki).

Every click you make adds to the Internet. There is something very natural about the web. Like replenishable natural resources. Something very conducive to the human spirit. The Monalisa is not unique. You can copy it and send it to as many people as possible. Each copy would be as real as the original. As long as you mention the old man's name, I don't think Da Vinci would mind either.

I am currently in the middle of Lawrence Lessig's The Future of Ideas: The Fate of Commons in a connected world. The book is awe inspiring in its scope and frightening at times.

There is this line we all tread. On one side is the consumerist. On the other side are those who pay for his sins. He tells us that order is impossible without control. We agree, and then wonder why it must be he who exercises that control.

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