Wednesday, February 2


National Treasure

A bit of the father-son thing from Indiana Jones but the rest was cool, I dare say better. Nicholas Cage has a cool name, Benjamin Franklin Gates in the movie. What made it watchable was that Cage had generations of explorers to look back upon. The (however sentimental) premise of family and tradition made the movie so enjoyable for me. Am a sucker for things like that!

The introduction where young Gates is mock-knighted by his grandfather was extremely cool (my opinion).My first impressions didn't desert me this time. National Treasure maintains the pace throughout, with minor exceptions. Diane Kruger was a major distraction. That she sent the entire row behind me groaning, wasn't a bother (I was drooling too). I am just. Justin Bartha gave a superb performance as Riley Poole.Would like to have a proper and educated sounding end to this but can't. The movie didn't exactly rock. But go for it if you dig treasure hunt tales like Indiana Jones.

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