Sunday, March 13


glassdog interviews kottke

Glassdog interviewed Jason Kottke for the usual reasons. Here's how it starts:
Glassdog: Jason, what the fuck?

Jason Kottke: First of all, I’d like to thank Lance for this opportunity and such a nuanced and interesting first question.

Well, the fuck is that I wasn’t enjoying my professional life as much as I used to and it was putting a real damper on the rest of my life. I decided that if it was possible to change that and start doing something I love, I should go ahead and try to do that.

Read the whole thing.


Saw Fockers

Spent yesterday evening watching Meet the Fockers. Was a bit too corny for my tastes but funny nevertheless. See for yourself. Let my rants not sway your choice of visual presentation.

Saturday, March 12


The (official) buzz

After the blogger comment system downtime yesterday, which was quickly handled and got much applause, today saw the release of Blogger Buzz. All familiar blogger folk contributing to a team blog about blogger, blogs and everything blogospheric.

A must syndicate for everyone on blogger. Everyone who cares anyway. I tend to generalise a tad. Forgive me.

Notice the mention of Google on the blog's banner though. Talk about gradual morphing of identity.

Friday, March 11


Blogger comments stick

Since morning, I have been having difficulty commenting on blogspot. Its the blogger comments system. While those with Haloscan steer clear of this tragedy, many with blogs that host frequently interesting debates on various topics have been biting nails since morning.

While comments show up on post pages, the comment-post screen is out of bounds for any one who tries. My apologies to everyone who awaits my comments.


PJ of my own!

What did the super-villain say to Captain Planet after they had lunch together at Vasanta Bhavan?

"You'll pay for this Captain Planet!"

ROTFL at my own PJ!

Thursday, March 10


What do I do...

...with this label?

Things are pretty much officially out now. I am not getting back at any one person. I just think that some one who represents a major publication (no matter how niche the readership) should have enough insight to be able to stay clear of generalisations. I guess I might be being vicious here. Don't take any thing here too seriously if you think I am being unduly aggressive.

So, here's the funny part. Apparently, I was too geeky for one of India's leading Tech Mags! That's something to pride myself on. Don't you think? Just joking. In reality, it was a long standing dream/wish/whatever of mine to get to work for this particular publication.

Dreams don't die. They just go to that big recycle bin in the sky. It is only a matter of time that I restore the file into its rightful folder.

BTW, what file extension may dreams have? .drm ???

Am down I agree, but definitely not out. Am I ever? But then, you wouldn't know, would you?

Wednesday, March 9


Something coming - watch out!

The out of the bolt interview results are out. I have been hearing flying stories of the note that they sent to the college announcing their rejection of all four candidates who applied. Myself included. Will not say anything now. Need to verify some bits. Things sound just too incredible to be true. Until they start making sense, and until I calm down enough to be able to comment on what happened, just hold it...

Tuesday, March 8



I uploaded this site to freewebs (just love it) today. FTP sucks! We also started with the CMS for Digantik today. Makes life so much easier.

Note: My blogs I read link on the sidebar will now link to the site above. Will modify it soon. No time now. Also, my livejournal is getting more frequently updated than this blog can possibly be. Sorry about that. Keep reading the livejournal.

Monday, March 7



As I wait for the results of my test, out of the blue comes another chance. One that stands at par with what I think will be the best. Hope I can give it a good shot.

Interview in forty-five minutes. Hope it goes well. Like I always do.

Update: Interview over. Went well.

Sunday, March 6


Took the test

Yesterday, I took the online test. For that same dream-job-position. I know the hyphenated phrase is ungrammatical but it has kind of stuck on. I wish I could reveal what it is for but I do not have quality wood to touch around here.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hope I have the opportunity to get past this level. If they like what I wrote in the test, I will get an interview call and then... you know the drill.

Friday, March 4



Found this cool way for generating Gmail signatures. Via The Indian Blogger. There are only three templates. This one was the best. Though a bit unwieldy to put it in the sidebar.

Thursday, March 3



My heartfelt sorrow to all affected by the recent Doodle-Board Disaster. This from the site itself.
DoodleBoard to become Members' Only Service
Costs are running very high, and our signups are by hundreds daily. Our sevice provider has informed us of the high usage of the DoodleBoard service and we have no choice but to act to resolve this. As a result, we regret to inform all our Basic Users that DoodleBoard will no longer be able to provide the service free. Enhanced members will continue to enjoy DoodleBoard service with no service disruption.

I hate it when they do this. Some time back did this. Unprofessional doesn't begin to describe it. Hope everyone finds chat elsewhere. Amen!


Days past

The searchlet works again. Am glad! Have not been posting here for days. Quite a few things have happened. My dream job position is much closer now. Wish I could blog it but can't. If it all works out fine, then I will post plenty of links and stuff and text in bold and other such generally garish celebrative stuff.

My latest discovery: Samit Basu has a blog! Predictable but enviable URL! He even commented on my livejournal. I like the man. No hang-ups. The sequel to Simoquin Prophecies is going to be out this November, says he. Drool all!

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